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In addition to experiencing frightening attacks, dog-bite victims often are left with permanent scars. If you’ve been bitten by a dog,  you’re likely entitled to compensation for your current and future medical bills, the pain you experienced, and your mental suffering. Contact Dale Emch at 419-241-1150 immediately to protect your claim.

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Talk to a lawyer before speaking to an insurance adjuster after a car accident
Published Wednesday, July 9, 2014 12:00 pm

After an accident, an insurance adjuster for the at-fault party may contact you. This can be beneficial to you, but you need to watch out for some major pitfalls. One practical reason to talk to the adjuster is that you probably need to get your car fixed. The adjuster can walk you through that process. Your car repairs should be the limit of your discussions, though. (This information is in my book Don't Wreck Your Ohio Car Accident Case - 5 Tips for Handling Your Personal Injury Claim. To receive a free copy of my book, call 419-241-1150.

You need to understand that the insurance adjuster for the at-fault party is not your friend, no matter how pleasant he or she happens to be on the phone. Adjusters have an obligation to their employers to settle the claims as quickly and cheaply as possible. At the risk of stating the obvious, paying you the least amount of money as possible means the insurance company gets to keep more of its money. It’s a business and you need to keep that in mind.

So, use caution when dealing with the adjuster. The adjuster may want to talk about the accident and your injuries. Don’t do this without talking to a lawyer. The adjuster may request a recorded statement that could be used against you down the road when you’re trying to resolve the claim. You also may not have a clear understanding of your injuries right after the accident. Sometimes accident victims have injuries that are far more serious than they initially appear. If you talk to the adjuster right after the accident and say something to the effect that you’re sore, but OK overall, it’s going to be tough to backtrack when you find out you have a serious injury that will take time and treatment to resolve.

Insurance adjusters try to settle claims as quickly as possible, and preferably before the injured person has an attorney. To do this, the adjuster may offer to pay your medical bills and then throw a nominal amount of money your way for the pain and inconvenience you’ve experienced. Sometimes an extra thousand dollars sounds pretty good. But it won’t sound good if you’re still in pain half a year later, you’ve missed a lot of time from work, and you’ve had extensive medical treatment. Once you settle your claim, that’s it. You don’t get to call the adjuster up later and explain that things were a lot worse than you initially thought. Unless your injury was very minor, the best course of action is to let an attorney deal with the insurance company.