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Car accident attorney stresses importance of using health insurance for medical bills
Published Monday, January 19, 2015

Most people suffering from a personal injury after a car accident in Ohio give little thought to which insurance company will pay the bills. That makes sense. First, the accident victim just wants to get treatment rather than wading through a lot of insurance forms. Then, a billing representative for the hospital will ask for the patient's auto insurance in addition to his health insurance. Little does the injured person know that if the hospital seeks reimbursement from the auto coverage rather than health insurance, his personal injury claim just became more difficult for his lawyer to resolve down the road.

If you have health insurance, it almost always is better for your injury claim to use it rather than the medical payments coverage of your auto insurance. The reason is that the health insurer usually will reimburse the medical provider far less than the automobile insurer. This becomes important when your personal injury attorney tries to resolve the case because those insurance bills eventually come out of the settlement. So, it is to the advantage of the accident victim to reimburse the insurer as little as possible. Every dollar that doesn't go to reimbursing an insurer for health bills goes to the accident victim's net settlement.

Sometimes there's no choice but to use the medical payments coverage available in your auto policy. For instance, if you're insured through Medicare or Medicaid, the government mandates that other available sources of insurance be used first.

This stuff gets confusing fast, which is another reason to seek the assistance of a personal injury attorney to resolve your claim. But here’s the quick version: Your health insurance company usually doesn’t pay the full amount billed by the medical provider. Instead, usually by function of contract, your health insurance only pays a certain percentage of each dollar billed. The medical providers know this and don’t like it. Understandably, they’d like to get paid for every dollar billed. And that’s why they’d rather your auto insurance to pick up the tab. Your auto insurance will pay the medical provider the full amount of the bill so the provider makes more money.

In addition to the reimbursement issue, an experienced personal injury attorney in Toledo will try to negotiate with your health insurance company to take less than it paid out. The auto insurance companies are far more reluctant to take less than they paid.

More information about insurance issues and auto accident claims can be found in our book Don't Wreck Your Ohio Car Accident Case. Order your free copy or speak to attorney Dale Emch by calling 419-241-1150.